Selection from the price list of the dental office

Initial examination + OPG + BTW
covered by health insurance
Preventive examination + BTW X-ray
covered by health insurance
Local anesthesia (for one procedure)
covered by health insurance
Panoramic X-ray (OPG)
covered by health insurance
3D X-ray (CBCT imaging)
2 380 Kč
One-time examination / Consultation with a doctor
980 Kč
Consultation with an implantologist
1 540 Kč
Composite aesthetic filling (white filling)
from 2 030 to 5 250 Kč
Endodontics (treatment of root canals under a microscope)

from 3 990 Kč

Dental hygiene (AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master) - first comprehensive treatment
2 160 Kč
Dental hygiene (AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master) - preventive treatment/cleaning
1 620 Kč
Dental hygiene - children up to 15 years old
1 350 Kč
Dental hygiene with Blanc One Click whitening
3 300 Kč
Whitening after dental hygiene-Black One Click
1 500 Kč
Home whitening including tray making
5 000 Kč
Making a crown/veneer - all-ceramic (Zirconia, E-Max)
11 500 Kč
Dental implants
from 15 000 Kč
The latest technologies and first-class materials at affordable prices.
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